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Ventilated Wall Battens

                                              State of the Art Rain Screen

New Oregon Code R703.1 Requires Furring Strips Behind Siding

A new building code in Oregon, R703.1. requires a rain screen (air space) behind all exterior cladding (siding).  El Dorado Battens can be used to meet this new requirement. 

"We did a prototype house to see how it would work. The battens are very light -- you can carry a load of them up on a ladder -- and they can be cut with a utility knife. In addition to saving money on the battens, there are labor savings, and also fastener savings, since we don’t have to use stainless-steel sinkers. -- Renaissance Homes

  1. Bullet Now licensed by DuPont as: DUPONT RAINVENT BATTENS. Click here for more information.

  1. Bullet El Dorado Battens is a corrugated, fluted plastic wall batten for use as a rain screen, drainage plane, and furring strip under exterior siding or cladding.

  1. Bullet Allows air circulation behind all siding types which provides a ventilation cavity to enhance drying, and a capillary break from sheathing.

  1. Bullet El Dorado Battens provides an easy and durable way to ventilate today’s cladding materials.

  1. Bullet Our simple, low cost, lightweight solution will help ensure your homes endure the test of time.

Did You Know?

80% of all building failures are related to the mismanagement of moisture.

With more insulation in today’s homes, reduced drying can lead to premature cladding failure.

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