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Concerns about the quality of exterior walls have become a major focus of the construction industry. Wall deterioration is all to frequent in some areas of the United States. Trapped moisture in walls can create substantial mold problems as well as expensive repairs to walls, sheathing, framing and foundations.

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  1. Bullet Vertical and horizontal ventilation

  1. Bullet Low cost install

  1. Bullet No waste.  Reusable and recyclable

  1. Bullet No stainless steel fasteners

  1. Bullet Eliminates the use of toxic pressure treated material

  1. Bullet Works under many cladding types including stucco and faux stone

  1. Bullet Moisture dissipates quickly, wall sheathing and framing are preserved, mold growth is reduced

  1. Bullet Lightweight. Carry a “house worth of battens” on your shoulders

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Benefits of El Dorado Battens

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El Dorado Batten Dimensions:

1 5/8” Wide x 3/8”Deep x 8’ Long